Pretty happy with these… and go figure that it’d be the Ghost type that’s shaping up to be favoring the inhibit/disrupt strategy.

While I always pick Torchic when I play the games, I’ve gotta go with Mudkip’s family as my favorite here - it’s certainly the most flavorful, even if it’s less-than-practical.


bullrunpicnicker asked: I'm running a game of Pokemon CMG with some friends and wanted to print off the cards we would be using. What size would you recommend to print the cards?

Aim for the size of your average card game. Something around 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 should be perfect.

However, if you have access to all of the cards online, it’d be a lot cheaper to just print off tokens or just write some up and then reference the cards.

Johto’s all wrapped up for now!

Such a fan.

Weavile was my primary hitman back in the Platinum days. Man oh man.

One of the unfortunate side-effects of reducing every Pokemon to a single type is that fun dual-types like these two lose out on their flavor.

I plan on mitigating this by having a lot of Pokemon show up in different sets, and those with two significant types will show up as each.

Okay, so the main reason I’m writing so many of these Pokemon cards up-front is because I’m expecting new ideas for other facets of this enormous board game to crop up as I go along.

These two cards helped me pin down exactly how and where legendary Pokemon can be found along the board, and I’m so stoked to get to work on the routes and areas just to show it all off.

Basically… on the Johto board there will only be a small section within the Whirl Islands area (which is otherwise a Watery Route 2) that is a Watery Route 3, and since Lugia is the only Johto Pokemon with that route number, getting there would automatically trigger a battle with it.

Something similar will be in place for Ho-Oh, and I’ll probably bump up its route number to 6 to make it easier.

And holy shit are these two powerful (as all trio masters will be!). A level of 7 means they get bonuses against just about every other Pokemon in the game, and then they get +1 against 3 types as well. Trouble right out of the gate, man!

Ahhhhh I’m excited to wrap up this portion of design and tear into the routes… but I can’t until this is locked. Bear with me - the quality of posts will improve in time.