Since it came up, I figure I’ll elaborate on something really quick before I go to bed.

There are two small icons that sometimes appear in game text: a target and a Poke ball. The target is just a shorthand for “At the start of its battle”. Any text directly following a target triggers the moment a battle begins.

The Poke ball is shorthand for “If this Pokemon is in your party”. Almost always, this is followed by game text that either wouldn’t work for a wild Pokemon (things that involve losing XP tokens or working with allies) or just game text that I don’t think wild Pokemon should have.

And the fun stuff.

Here’s the boring half of Wilds-2, the first part of the Safari Zone. I’ll post the second half in a minute.

Note that any stupid errors or typos are due to James Bond. I put Diamonds Are Forever on as background noise and, as it usually plays out, it’s grabbed most of my attention.

The Safari Zone is next. Super stoked.

I’m pretty happy with how Snorlax looks. First off, he’s scary, since a low roll nets him two more dice, and that level of 5 all but guarantees him a level bonus.

The first person to flip Snorlax in Field-5 fucks everybody. Snorlax’s card plants itself atop the deck, blocking any additional Field cards from being flipped until it’s taken care of. God. It doesn’t even make sense! But it just feels right for Snorlax’s character, so I went with it.

It’s also nice to finally be getting to wild evolutions. I’ve written too many permutations of the basic Pokemon…

The Kanto Power Plant… and introducing what is probably the final area icon (and easily the ugliest): Legendary.

The Legendary icon doesn’t change how legendary Pokemon are encountered, but it does do two things: first, it consolidates all legendaries into a single pile, so players wont even see them until you get to the right place; and second, it cleans up every single other area icon by keeping numbers low.

See, before, Zapdos would have been Structure-7, Articuno would have been Frozen-2, and Moltres would have been Cave-5. That’s hideous, considering how they have more in common with each other than the places they inhabit.

Now, if you make it to the end of the Power Plant, you’ll find a single square with the Legendary-2 icon. Land on it, flip the Legendary pile until you find a 2 (which is only Zapdos), and bam you’re battling the right Pokemon.

Please forgive me for the bitmap-y looking icon. I am not a graphic designer… all I could do was take one of the TCG set icons and draw over it.

Cranky sleep-deprivation edit: Forgot about Electabuzz.

Field-4 is the Kanto interior. Mostly right around Saffron City, but a little to the east of Vermilion as well.

As a side note, I’m not totally sure if all of these cards will make the final cut. I can only imagine how annoying it would be to keep finding Pidgey every time you venture into a Field route. For now I’m just writing cards for every Pokemon in Kanto; I’ll worry about trimming the fat later on once I start putting together the encounter deck.

I suppose Marowak’s Ghost is a quasi-boss battle. Technically, it’ll be possible for you to battle it (it would need to roll a 1 when the battle starts), and if that happens it just gets discarded/recycled like a normal card since you can’t capture it.

The only way to really get rid of it is by having the Silph Scope. And I’m sure some Quest card will depend on your doing just that.

Anywho. That’s the Pokemon Tower.

Rock Tunnel is going to be a scary place.

The second round of Water area Pokemon.